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IEC Standard Motor
 > YDSA series Aluminum Frame Motor IE2 IE3
 > YDSC series Cast Iron Frame Motor IE2 IE3
 > ML series Single-phase Capacitor Start Capacitor Run
 > MY series Single-phase Capacitor Run
 > MC series Single-phase Capacitor Start
 > MSD series Multi Speed
 > MSEJ sereis Brake Motor

GOST Standard Motor
 > Air series GOST Standard Motor

NEMA Standard Motor
 > NEMA EPACT&Premium Efficiency TEFC Electric Motor
 > NEMA Fractinal HP Three-Phase TEFC Electric Motor
 > NEMA single phase TEFC Electric Motor

Yongdasheng Location Map
 > Yongdasheng location map

Nameplate guide:

SN NO. 170102101
1701: Production date Jan.2017
02101: Factory order No.


When disposing electric motors, the applicable national regulations must be observed.
Furthermore, it should be noted that oils and fats are disposed according to the Waste Oil Regulation.
The details of the grease manufacturer's instructions must be respected. Grease and oil is not allowed to be discharged into nature!
The main components used are cast iron (housing), steel (shaft, stator and rotor core, small parts), aluminum (housing, rotor), copper (coils),
plastics (insulation materials such as polyamide, polypropylene, etc.), elastomers and asbestos-free sealing materials.
Electronic components such as converters, encoders, etc., are treated separately.

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